Voluntaryism & Anarchism?

Watch this video to see what I've been focused on for over a quarter century now. Here's the main problem in the world and the solution in 2 minutes.


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Free Stuff

If you have more than two minutes but don’t yet want to read a whole dang book about it, there are plenty of other free things you can check out. If you’re new to these ideas, or want something to send to people who are, here are some simple, basic videos.

Philosophy of Liberty

If You Were King

The End of Politics

Full YouTube Channel

Here are a zillion more for you to enjoy at your leisure:


The Nature of The Beast

Musical Interlude

If at this point you need a musical interlude, but still want to stay on the topic at hand, here is mine and Amanda's first single.

(you can buy, or just listen to for free)


The Jones Plantation

“The Jones Plantation” is now a novel and a feature film!

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Ya Gotta Vote!

I Love My Country!

The Tiny Dot

I'm Allowed to Rob You!

Sacred Cow Shish Kabob

Age-Restricted Videos

Only Viewable on YouTube

It Can't Happen Here!


When Should You Shoot a Cop?



The Mirror

The mirror is an enormous undertaking -- a "game" designed to help people separate the lies and propaganda they've been indoctrinated with vs their true self.

Candles in the Dark

a concentrated, in-depth, six-session course designed to help voluntaryists and anarchists be far more effective in their communications with the rest of the world

Rent-A-Ranter / Candles in the Dark Conversations

Ever wanted to have me talk on a topic of your choosing? My "rent-a-ranter" deal is for you. If you want me to do an interview, or do some "Candles in the Dark"-ing with a friend of yours, or chat about random stuff, or whatever other random things you might think of (which isn't a promise that I will accept ANY offer), you can e-mail me at [email protected] for rates.

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The Tax Thing

Now, some people might end up here, not because of my anti-political philosophy rantings and ravings, but because of what I went through years ago relating to the U.S. federal extortion racket. So I might as well throw in a couple things about that: the first being my 2007 “Taxable Income” report, explaining the legal issue, and the latter being the free PDF of my book, “Kicking the Dragon (Confessions of a Tax Heretic),” which gives the whole ridiculous, infuriating story of my “adventures” with the federal thieves, ending with me being imprisoned for all of 2006 .

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