"No True Anarchist"- Aug 3, 2024

What does it mean to be an anarchist? It does mean something, something specific, and a lot of people who pretend to be anarchists, then say or do things that are incompatible with actual anarchism.

HOWEVER, there are also people who like to tack on their own personal preferences and beliefs, and decide that if your beliefs don't match their laundry list of random opinions, then you're not a real anarchist.

So you may hear things like...

"If you have a driver's license, then you're not a real anarchist!"

"If you're not a vegan, then you're not a real anarchist!"

"If you use money, then you're not a real anarchist!"

So, can there ever be a solid answer to what it means to be an anarchist?


And this subscriber only event will answer exactly that.

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